The Core xStats

Version 2.9

The stats linked on this page are single year stats and splits, similar to the equivalent stats you may find on Fangraphs, Baseball Reference, etc.

xStats Version 2.9

xStats has undergone a total source code rewrite to bring it up to version 2.9. The data will be stored in at least two sheets, due to the size of the files. One for batters and one for pitchers. The sheets are locked, but you can click "file" then "make a copy" and use the filters and search boxes as you see fit.

These Stats include:

xAVG, xOBP, xSLG, xBABIP, xBACON, xOBA, xOBA+, x1B, x2B, x3B, xHR, VH%, PH%, K%, OUTs, bbFIP, kwFIP, xRAD, Exit Velocity and Launch Angle data, DB%, GB%, LD%, HD%, FB%, and PU%.

This data is broken into 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 splits in addition to vR and vL splits.

Legacy Version 2.6.25

Version 2.6.25 was used from the middle of 2016 up through the conclusion of the 2017 season. This version became obsolete at the start of the 2018 season, and replaced by v2.9.

If you are interested in multi-year stats, please look at the Projections page.

Older Legacy Versions